Project Special education

Special education offers thematic education for children with severe learning difficulties. It challenges students, is based on their abilities and takes into account their limitations. In this way, Niketan offers the students in Bangladesh the opportunity to develop optimally as a person.

The education focuses on emotional and cognitive development, developing creativity and learning social, cultural and physical skills. The lessons are practically oriented and tailored as much as possible to individual needs. In the lessons, Niketan makes use of various existing theories and methodologies. The learning and play materials help children develop academic skills, the ability to concentrate and make their own choices, they help with coordination, a sense of order and growing independence. The wide range of educational materials invite independent learning and provide inspiration for creative play. During the school year, parents are supported and trained, so that the child can also apply the lessons learned at home.

Niketan has three specialized schools in Ghior and Baniajuri.

The unique collaboration with 20 mainstream schools makes it possible for children to follow education 6 days a week. They attend mainstream education 3 days a week and get the extra attention they need in the special school on the other 3 days. This opens up a new world for the child and enables the development of social relationships and interactions with peers without disabilities. Respect and understanding grow when students of various abilities and backgrounds play, socialize and learn together. Every year, around 35 of our children make the transfer to full-time mainstream (inclusive) education.

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€29.273 €401
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  • Education

    Provide a challenging learning environment based on individual possibilities and taking limitations into account.

  • Food

    Make parents aware of the importance of healthy nutrition to prevent stunting, underweight and diet-related physical complications.

  • Paramedical Care

    Provide care aimed at improving the functioning of the body; provide basic orthopedic equipment and rehabilitation aids.

  • Socialization

    Actively promote and encourage the participation of children and young people with disabilities in society.