Care and education for children with a disability in Bangladesh

Our mission

Holistic Approach

Everyone wants a good life. When you are a person with a disability you still have your own dreams and wishes for the future. That includes the opportunity to go to school and get education at your own level,with a teacher who understands you. But what if those schools do not exist and the specific knowledge is absent? For those children and young people in Bangladesh, Niketan wants to be there.

Niketan dreams of a world in which children and young people with multiple disabilities are accepted and can join school, a world in which they can decide about their own future.

Our approach




Appropriate education

Appropriate education provides thematic education for children with learning difficulties. The program¬† is based on the capabilities of…

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Early childhood education

Early childhood education covers the period from birth to the age of five years. Expanding early childhood care…

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Job placement without pressure

In thana Ghior Niketan offers job placement in a carpenter unit. Here, ¬†disabled youngsters perform simple tasks and…

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27 November 2017 SRHR education at special schools in Bangladesh

A 14-year-old girl from Bangladesh with mental and hearing disabilities tells her story, agitated but smilingly. She uses…

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27 September 2017 SRHR issues are neglected among young girls with disability

According to UNFPA, 16-30% of boys and 40-68% of girls are affected by sexual abuse before the age…

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Zorg en onderwijs voor kinderen met een handicap in Bangladesh

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