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“To ensure equal access to quality education and promote lifelong learning for all”. This is goal number 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable development goals were set after the Millennium Development Goals which had to ensure inclusive education for all children by 2015. However, millions of children with learning or other disabilities drop out of school or do not go to school at all.

International organizations and the government of Bangladesh still pay insufficient attention to this target group.

Niketan is committed to give children and young people with multiple disabilities the opportunity to get education and vocational training ‘in line with their own abilities’. Niketan provides information to parents, trains teachers, improves the quality of education and provides better education facilities and appropriate teaching methods.

We focuses on the development of training programs and thematic teaching materials for special primary school pupils and for vocational training.

We invests in a good school environment and school facilities, in training of teachers in child-friendly appropriate thematic teaching methods, and relevant and good teaching material that fits the environment of the students and the society in which they grow up. We also try to eliminate barriers for people with disabilities so that they can finish their appropriate training and get access to employment. We work together closely with local communities, local- and national government institutions and education authorities.

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Lifelong learning

The lifelong learning traject is for young people with a disability who are usually denied the opportunity to…

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Inclusive education

Inclusive education is education where children with and without learning difficulties or disabilities play and learn together. Every…

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Special education

Special education offers thematic education for children with severe learning difficulties. It challenges students, is based on their…

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