Story Nushrat

I really didn’t hit it in life. I was born with a severe heart defect, deaf and visually impaired. My father left us and left my young mother without any help.

Fortunately, we were included in Niketan’s informal care project. Slowly, things were going better for my mother and me. When I was eight, I went to special education, which was great. My mother was hired as a teacher.  We both learned sign language and my mother’s salary allowed her to pay for my expensive heart surgery. After the surgery I became stronger and started to develop better and better. After interviews at the regular primary school I was admitted in class 1. I am now in class 3 of the primary school and visit special education at the center for another three days each week. There, through thematic education, I learn more and more of sign language and social skills that increase my self-confidence.


Support Nushrat in her education with 33 euro a month.

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Care and education for handicapped children in Bangladesh

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