Story Tamanna

Tamanna Islam is a sweet girl with cerebral palsy. As the first daughter of her parents, they did not notice at first that she was developing differently.

They had trouble getting her dressed because her legs were stiff, and they noticed that their daughter showed no interest in playing with other children. At the age of six, she went to school, but her concentration was poor and she had problems with reading and writing.

Her mother took her to special education in Baniajuri. Tamanna felt right at home in the school. She soon began to improve her motor and cognitive skills. Now she can write the Bangla alphabet and her name and address. She has recently been re-admitted to a regular school. This time she is not afraid of being bullied. Her classmates and Tamanna study the book ‘My Name is Runa’. It tells the story of Runa, who, like Tamanna, has cerebral palsy and was bullied by the community. Tamanna recognizes herself in the story and shares her feelings with her teacher and classmates. The book opens the way to start conversations about respecting individual differences.


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Support Tamanna, with your help she can continue school.

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