Story Anik

Anik is smiling again. Like many others, the nine-year-old boy has had a difficult year. He was supposed to go to the third grade, but because of the COVID pandemic, his school closed.

His father lost income as a rickshaw puller and soon there was hardly any food for the family. Fortunately, Anik visited the veranda school in Mylagi every week, where he was able to stay in touch with some of his friends. Making friends has not been easy for Anik, he was often called ‘that lame kid’, but the teachers at the veranda school stood up for him. They talked to the villagers and children and visited the schools. When hunger really struck in June and their little house was hit by severe flooding, his teachers from the veranda school again reached out to help. The family received food parcels and money for three months, with which his father bought two goats. With the sale of milk they were able to support themselves again. Meanwhile, his father is driving his rickshaw again and Anik has a brace, which enables him to walk better. He can now join in with his friends.


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