Project Residential care and work

Niketan offers pleasant and structured residential care with 24/7 care to 11 boys with intellectual and physical disabilities.

The parents of these boys could not cope with the complex care. For instance because of their age, because they left their children with their grandparents, or because of their intellectual disabilities. Most of the boys grew up in great isolation and loneliness, they lacked the necessary care and education and were often locked up in sheds.

Niketan teaches these boys, often with emotional and behavioral problems, that they are valuable. We stimulate their personal and social development through a diverse training program resulting in an improved self-image. Niketan supervises and trains the parents and encourages family visits, so that young people continue to be part of their own family.


Within the residential care we offer work in a carpenter unit and a care farm.

In the carpenter unit youngsters with a disability perform simple tasks and produce useful wood products, like special chairs and standing frames. The carpenter unit is a work place without pressure to perform. The young people learn a trade within the protected walls of the organization. Our youngsters work in an assembly process. This offers them the opportunity to do work with minimum demand on skills and knowledge.  This vocational training also opens certain career prospects for them. Young people work based on their competencies and develop skills to find jobs outside the organization.

In the ‘care farm’, Niketan grows its own vegetables and youngsters take care of livestock like cows, chickens, and sheep. Direct contact with animals and the earth helps them to find some inner peace. The youngsters carry out  small tasks in a total package of activities and experience as an essential element of the food production process.

In addition to our training centers in Baniajuri and Badda Niketan tries to get young people admitted to other training centers. For this purpose, Niketan works closely together with social entrepreneur Akhtar Furniture in Dhaka and CRP in Savar.

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  • Education

    Provide a challenging learning environment based on individual possibilities and taking limitations into account.

  • Food

    Make parents aware of the importance of healthy nutrition to prevent stunting, underweight and diet-related physical complications.

  • Paramedical Care

    Provide care aimed at improving the functioning of the body; provide basic orthopedic equipment and rehabilitation aids.

  • Socialization

    Actively promote and encourage the participation of children and young people with disabilities in society.