Story Sagor

Sagor is 20 years and has Down’s syndrome. With his typically difficult to understand behavior, he came to live in Afroza’s place in 2010.

Sagor understand quite a lot, but emotionally he is still very young. A protected place with attention for his emotional vulnerability is therefore very important for him. Sagor had a difficult start in the residential facility, he had to find his place, getting used to new rules and authorities. He pulled open a box full of pranks and occasionally the caretakers were at their wits end. The positive and stimulating environment made that he wanted to be part of the safe world around him. He let himself guided, was actively participating in activities and training and thus increased his confidence. Sagor is not a troublemaker anymore, but a valuable resident who helps his fellow residents and provides a lot of fun. He has learned to share his emotions, to ask questions and talk about what he finds difficult.

His parents are pleased with the progress and continue to hope for a marriage. But Sagor is still vulnerable and easy to manipulate.

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We need your help to offer Sagor a safe surrounding.

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