Story Tomal

Tomal is a cheerful, hyperactive teenager full of naughtiness, he has ADHD and is really always very active. He likes to fool everyone and runs away easily for his responsibilities. His sturdy appearance and his easy chat put him in trouble sometimes, because in addition to ADHD, he also has a slight intellectual disability.

At school he was bullied because of his special way of talking and the teachers did not know what to do with his behavior and did not bother to understand him. He liked to sit in a tree as a six-year-old boy, he could keep a close eye on his classmates and he was safe from bullying. But one day he fell from the tree and broke his leg. Because of poverty and poor medical care his leg was badly cured and his parents decided to keep him home from now on. Tomal helped his mother in the household and had to help his father in the store. But as he grew older, he ran away from home more often and was found on the street with alcohol and drug dealers. His parents worried so much, that they sometimes locked him in for days.

In 2015, his parents heard through a family member that 60 kilometers from their home, there was a place where boys like their son could learn a profession and be guided in their social development. His parents did not think twice and brought him to the sheltered workplace. Tomal fought himself a place in the group, his easy chat helped him to make friends quickly.

With great pleasure Tomal works in the care-farm and carpenter group and recently Tomal got his certificate in social skills and a certificate for making a complicated wood connection.

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