Story Beauty

She looks at me with a confident smile. She is not nervous or afraid for her exam ‘Social Skills’. Her teachers are less confident about the outcome, because Beauty lives in two worlds. At home she is ignored, labeled as silly girl with loose morals.

Her family never told her how to take care of herself and what is right and wrong. Beauty is a beautiful girl and her boundless behavior makes that boys use her to experiment. She loves the attention of all those boys. It sometimes looks like she can’t talk about anything else. Also at the Amar Joti Badda school her life was not always easy and it was difficult for her to make friends. She was brutal and surrounded by a dirty odor. But the positive attention and love Beauty received from the teachers, opened a new world. She proved to be a very engaging, caring and sweet girl. With great pleasure she comes to school and participates in all activities. She made friends and learned how to take care of herself. But the most important lesson she learned is that we accept her, love her and believe in her.

So she is confident in front of me and she makes her exams without doubts. With her performance she surprised not only her parents, but also her teachers.

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