Story Robin

Hi, I’m Robin, I’m 24 years old and I have a slight intellectual disability. I never knew my parents, as a baby I was left behind in a hospital. I was adopted by a kind nurse.

As a child I hardly talked and my motor skills were also lagging behind. An application was made for the daycare center but due to the very limited financial resources and the long travel time I finally could not join the center. When I was seventeen, I ended up in Afroza’s Place but at first I was really difficult to handle. I teased and challenged the other boys. I was a real troublemaker. I was bullied back a lot myself and because I couldn’t take much of that, this often ended in fits of anger or tears. In the center I followed the ‘My Way to Work’ training, I learned to communicate better, and to indicate what I did and didn’t like. Slowly but surely I changed from a ‘difficult-to-handle boy’ into a sociable companion. Because of my sometimes silly expressions, my abilities were quite underestimated.

The fact that I finished second in the exam of the ‘My way to Work’ training surprised everyone. I now walk around with my head held high, as proud as a peacock. The confident smile on my face never goes away.

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With your support we can give Robin a safe sheltered place to live and work.

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