Story Shipu

Shipu is a cheerful toddler trapped in a body of a 17 year old. He is severe mentally disabled and has a sensory integration disorder. Like all toddlers he wants to be cuddled and do body-related games. His world’s not bigger than himself and he needs help with all his activities of daily living.

His father and brother have lost their patience long ago and the school teachers sometimes also don’t know which way to turn. Shipu only loves sensory activities but due to lack of space, they cannot always offer him this. His mother is the epitome of love and patience. Once her son comes home she gives him the physical contact, which he so desperately needs. Without shame she sits  with him to play “peekaboo,” to tickle his feet and kiss and sing softly to him to get him to rest. Shipu has a mother of thousands, the love for each other is wonderful to see.

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No one has ever become poor by giving, with 73 euro a month Shipu can visit the daycare facilities in Badda.

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