Helena is a 4 year old girl with cerebral palsy and a mild cognitive impairment. She can’t speak yet, but communicates with facial expression and body language quite effectively. Her parents were in shock when their little princess after a difficult delivery turned out to be handicapped.

They were worried about her future and looked for help one year after she was born.  Helena’s grandmother got word of the ‘early intervention’ group and she decided to make the long journey to the center. Helena was examined by a team of specialists. She did not have head balance and therefore could not sit on her own; she was not able to hold or grasp things. Grandmother was advised to come regularly to the center with Helena. She followed the advice and soon Helena showed good progress. Physiotherapy taught her to keep her head upright and how to sit on her own.  Her interest in her surroundings was aroused and she started to explore toys with her hands.

The world was an interesting place and she started to explore it sitting on her bottom. She didn’t have time to learn to crawl. Instead she soon took her first uncertain steps by her grandmothers’ hand. At the age of three Helena could walk all by herself. Her grandmother celebrated this with everyone at the center. Onwards to new heights: learning how to eat by herself. Helena was challenged to handle more difficult toys to improve her fine motor skills. This way she learned how to eat without help before the age of 4.

Not only her grandmother was as proud as a peacock, but the team too was proud of little Helena and her tremendous will power. Helena’s grandmother is now a walking advertisement for the center. She tells everyone who wants to listen what little miracles are happening at the center.

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Care and education for handicapped children in Bangladesh

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