StoryParish Miah

Parish Miah is a 30-year-old boy, with autism features. According to his mother, he had a normal development in all domains before his father died.

She did not notice any autism features. He liked to talk to his father and help him in the fields. They were always together. After the sudden death of his father, 19-year-old Parish was in deep shock. He cried for 3 days and took no food. From that day on, he stayed indoors, didn’t talk to others, and gradually had trouble walking, going to the toilet alone, and other daily activities. His relatives took him to the doctor for treatment, but to no avail. He became a burden to his family.

They looked for a residential facility for him and found Afroza Place Residential Center. Parish couldn’t climb stairs, he wanted to stay in his bedroom, couldn’t eat independently and go to the bathroom. He clearly had both social-emotional and cognitive problems.

Now, after 4 years, he is slowly showing some progress. He moves easily and freely, he climbs the stairs and can go to the toilet on his own, but needs help wiping his buttocks. He eats independently, responds to his name and starts small conversations. His family is very happy with the Residential Service and they hope that Parish will regain more skills.

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Help Parish to gain more skills and to become less dependent.

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