News The year 2018: We share the Future

2018 was the year that Niketan has been working 20 years in supporting children and youngsters with a complex disability in Bangladesh.

In 2018 we supported 558 children and their parents. We said goodbye to 67 children and youngsters, they continue their education in mainstream education or found a job.  70 new children received an assessment and became part of the DRRA / Niketan family.

Niketan has learned a lot in the last 20 years. In 2018 we incorporated this knowledge and experience into short instructional videos that help parents and community workers to provide better care to their complexly handicapped young child. Niketan also developed a Prone standing frame, a smart active device in which the child can make contact, play or even learn at eye level. In this frame children develop their muscles so they can learn to stand and walk by themselves. Moreover, they are made by our youngsters in the carpenter unit. A win-win-win situation!

The Bengali government has recognized the hard work of Niketan and presented Antoinette the founder of Niketan with the Unsung Women Nation Builders 2018 Award. Thanks to this special award, Niketan has gained more brand awareness and local celebrities from music and culture now support Niketan’s work as an Ambassador.

The financial support for our work was comparable to other years. In addition to donations from the Netherlands, we now also regularly receive donations in Bangladesh itself. The bad news is that a few important Dutch financiers have indicated that they will no longer be able to make contributions. We have to find other sources for an amount of 70.000 euro. Your help is very welcome.

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