News Reaching the hard to reach

A large number of children with disabilities still face exclusion and discrimination. They are invisible, often locked in the house, out of shame or for practical reasons. They cannot go to school because there is simply no specialized school in the area. In order to make change possible for these children and their parents, Niketan develops practical training and knowledge products that are easy to understand.

In the past 20 years, Niketan has accumulated a lot of knowledge. We now turn this knowledge into short instruction videos that can help parents and community workers provide better care for the complex disabled young child.

The first videos that have been developed are about feeding. In what position can you best feed your child, what do you give your child, which problems can you face and how do you deal with it? Too often we see frustrated mothers who are in a fierce battle with their child. Children who refuse food and mothers who administer it brutally, sometimes it even leads to the death of the child. In a training associated with the video, we offer tools how to break the negative spiral that can arise around food. When food is associated with pleasure, it has a positive influence on the development of the child and the relationship in the family.


25 March 2024 Are you happy?

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18 December 2023 Do children with disabilities also have rights?

Children have rights; after all, they are human beings too. All human rights also apply to all children.

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