Story Rubel

When I was born, my parents thought I was healthy. But when I was three months old my head started to grow, it grew bigger and bigger. My grandmother took me to all kinds of witch doctors but it did not help.

As I grew older, I started having difficulty walking, seeing and the use of my right arm. My parents did not accept me and my handicap. I was unwanted in my own family. People in the village were afraid of me and called me names like “cripple with a big head”. I was raised in my grandparent’s house. My grandmother took care of me and tried to get me admitted into school. But the teacher said I would never be able to learn how to read and write. Then my grandmother took me to the DRRA project in Ghior. There I was admitted and I received care, education and physiotherapy. From 2009 to 2016 I lived and worked at Afroza’s place.

I took care for the orchids and the sheeps and took an hour a day carpenter classes. But my favourite was the orchid garden.  I followed the training ‘My way to Work’ and learned social skills and taking better care of myself.

Recently my dream to set up a small shop in my village near my house came true. I sell chips, juice, candy’s, eggs and more to my neighbors. I’m a very proud person.

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