Story Sanjida

Sanjida is a sweet, gentle, insecure young woman, who’s 21 years old. Since the death of her parents a few years ago she has been living with her brothers and sisters-in-law.

Sanjida has microcephalus, her head is too small for her body, as a result of which she has a smaller brain and a cognitive developmental delay. She is also deaf, which further limits her ability to communicate. Sanjida is constantly on her guard and is eager to meet expectations. She understands simple signs, but relies mainly on visual communication using photos, pictograms and body language. Time and again she surprises those around her and shows that she understands more than everyone thinks. She passed her ‘My Way to Work’ exam and came third out of a group of eight students. And she also surprised us and her family by reporting abuse and physical violence inflicted by her sister-in-law. This showed that she had understood the lessons on sexual and reproductive health. Sanjida is currently making face masks and is earning some money. In the near future she will be taught how to make wax candles that will be sold by an outside organization. This will supplement her income. And it will earn her more respect from her brothers and sisters-in-law, who will then treat her a little more equally.


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