Story Rahul

Teacher Mim reads the story of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar ‘. Rahul and his classmates listen attentively and respond enthusiastically to her questions. Outside the class the mothers watch their children with endearment.

The first months were difficult, but with the help of the early intervention program she learned how to take care and stimulate her son. Meanwhile, Rahul is independent and follows appropriate education in a preparatory class. The teacher works on the theme animals. This aligns perfectly with the fantasy world of children. He already knows what kind of animals live on the farm and which animals he can find in the Sundarbans, the mangrove forests of southern Bangladesh. In the gym they move like frogs, elephants, kangaroos and tigers and during the breaks they play with plastic toy animals. He has no interest yet in learning letters, but he can already count to 5. Every day he goes to a physiotherapist who helps him to make his muscles stronger. He likes to be as strong as his father.

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Help Rahul to become as strong as his father. With 33 euro a month we can give him therapy and education.

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