Story Moriom

Moriom was not even two years old when her mother left her with her parents-in-law.

Disappointed, she divorced her husband, because she had not given him a son but a daughter with a complex disability. Moriom’s father no longer wanted to have anything to do with her either and left for Dhaka to go and work in the garment industry. Moriom’s grandmother took her to the nearest veranda school and she has slowly begun to develop. She is now able to sit up independently, is learning to strengthen her muscles by standing in the standing frame and is able to walk with support.

Her parents have disappeared altogether and her grandparents are very worried about who will take care of Moriom in the not too distant future. She’s only six years old and her aging grandparents are becoming increasingly limited in what they can do for her.


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Can you help Moriom to get a brighter future?

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