Story Mariya

Mariya is 7 years old. She lives with her parents and elder sister in Golora. Her father is a farmer and in a good season he earns 6 euro a week. Mariya has a mental handicap and physical problems due to cerebral palsy. But this does not stop her to go cheerful through life and embrace every challenge that comes her way.

Cheerful Mariya helps with little chores around the house. She plays outside with her neighbourhood friends. She loves going to the centre.  Like all the other children in the centre she receives a custom-made range of activities which meet her specific needs.  The activities are aimed at learning skills. With the help of physiotherapy she improved her balance and now she is able to walk better. The challenging development activities stimulate her to recognize pictures, colours and shapes. Her eye-hand coordination has been trained and improved. Her parents are strongly involved in the activities of the day care centre. They are member of the parent council and of the parent group in their community. They are very satisfied with the care and activities provided by the centre.

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No one has ever become poor by giving, with 50 euro a month Mariya can continue her school.

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