Lipi is 30 years old and physically disabled. She is unmarried and lives with her parents. Over 20 years ago she and her family received a cow with calf as part of an IGP (Income Generating Project). She went to primary school and joined an advocacy group.

The participants in the advocacy group have a mild to moderate physical or mental disability. Most of them still live with their parents and have difficulty finding the right training or a job. Niketan initiated 20 advocacy groups in the thana’s of Ghior and Daulatpur.

Lipi has been a member of the advocacy group in Sarasing for 15 years and is an example to many people. Through the advocacy group she learned to stand up for her rights. It gave her the opportunity to be trained as an embroidery worker at BRAC. After finishing primary school Lipi started her own business. She took care of the cows, sold them and bought new ones. Her livestock grew steadily. Every afternoon she works for a few hours in an IGP (Income Generating Project) group in the next village. Together with other women she makes embroidery for the Fairtrade shop Aarong.  With the profits of the cows and her embroidery, Lipi built a shop. This shop sells groceries. Her latest investments are a TV and a tea set. Neighbours come at night to watch TV and have a cup of tea. With her tremendous perseverance Lipi has earned a lot of respect in her community.

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