Story Mobarak

15-year-old Mobarak has spastic paralysis and begs for money with his mother.

Two years ago, he and his family left his village and moved to Dhaka. His mother took him out begging every day. She had no idea what else to do with him and had never been to a hospital or rehabilitation center. One day she heard about the Amar Joti school from a passerby. A day later, someone from the school came by and told her that in the school all care for her son would be free. After an intake, she was convinced not to go out begging with him on a daily basis anymore, but to bring him to the school for therapy and special education. Mobarak had no sitting balance, did not dare to make eye contact and had severe motor problems. But Mobarak is developing well. In recent months, he has managed to stay upright while sitting and has been given a wheelchair. He can concentrate better and his eye hand motor skills have improved. We are proud of the progress he is making.


Help Mobarak to develop himself.

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