Story The Banyan Trust

The Banyan Trust was founded in 1998 in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands with the aim to provide high-quality support to children with special needs and disabilities from disadvantaged backgrounds in countries like India, Bangladesh and elsewhere.

As first endeavour The Banyan Trust initiated, funded and developed the Apanjan Project in the Indian city of Calcutta in collaboration with local NGO OFFER.  With the opening in 2008 of the Sanjeevani Centre for Child Development The Banyan Trust has expanded its horizon to the vast slums of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

In 2014 the Niketan foundation took over the Sanjeevani centre, and the management in Bangladesh. Niketan changed the name of the project in Amar Joti Badda centre. Your donation for The Banyan Trust will directly benefit the children of Amar Joti Badda who desperately need your help.

In the Amar Joti Badda centre we have three main themes, care, education and society.  The centre offers community care, care, appropriate en vocational education to children in the age of 0 tot 25 year. When they get older we tried to support them into a paid job.

Meet the Amar Joti Badda children: Shaon, Beauty, Runa, Hosain , Rahim, Sonia, Josna, Shipu and Sohel.