Story Fahima

With an endearing smile on her sweet little face she is filled of hope. Fahima nearly reached her first anniversary. When she was three weeks old, she got a persistent high fever. Soon after, her head started to grow and it didn’t stop. With her nine months, her head was twice as big as normal.

The community informed Niketan about this particular girl and she was taken to the hospital in Dhaka. The doctors informed the parents that Fatima’s brains couldn’t develop due all the moisture. The neurologist came to a remarkable conclusion. “Since a development delay cannot be avoided and Fahima is a girl, it is better not to operate. This is a waste of our time and your money”. Perplexed about this conclusion Niketan went to the director of the hospital. It was not easy to convince him to do the surgery, but we succeeded. Fahima got a drain and liters of excess moisture found its way out. By removing the pressure on her head, she started to develop.

She now sits outside in her special chair watching her brothers. She moves her arms and legs, her hair grows, she reacts towards her surroundings, she smiles and tries to communicate.

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