News Cooperation with Maastricht University

Winning the Impact Award was the start of a 6-month period in which we worked together with junior researcher Robin Aarts from the School of Business and Economics at Maastricht University.

She helped us to make our impact objectives more concrete and specify which changes and conditions are needed to achieve them.


A stakeholder analysis was drawn up, and it is now clear to us which other individuals and organizations are involved with our target group and with whom we do / do not work together.

Recommendations were made on how to improve our annual report and we discussed how Niketan monitors and evaluates projects. We think the most important lesson that we have learned in this respect is that we need to describe the process more. Results are not achieved just like that. They take a lot of preparation and effort, and things often do not turn out as you had hoped. However, in our reports we mainly write about the results and not about the process and any struggles. We hope to improve on that in the coming years, and have taken the first step towards that today by sharing with you the news about our school in Dhaka.


4 June 2024 Annual report 2023

It is with great pleasure that we hereby share with you the link to our annual report.

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25 March 2024 Are you happy?

Happiness is different for everyone, but the feeling comes from within. Many factors influence your sense of happiness,…

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