Story Sonia

In a small dark room with two wooden beds without mattresses, bicycle parts, pots and pans are scattered under the bed, blankets and clothes hang on a rope. Only one tiny window lets through some sporadic light.

A narrow dark hallway gives access to similar houses, the small area of ​​less than 15m2 has 120 inhabitants. In one of the three public bathrooms we find Sonia, a mentally disabled girl of 11 years. Every day she goes to the  ‘Amar Joti School’ for a few hours. She has learned to write her name and has learned to sew beautifully. Her passion is dancing. Dancing has brought her a lot, she has even performed for the Prime Minister and has become more confident.

On the street she collects garbage, which she sells to stores. Her parents, desperately need Sonia’s help to earn more money. Life in the slum is becoming more expensive and difficult. Sonia is vulnerable, there is no one to care for her or watch over her. At school she learns skills that helps her to survive in the harsh slum world.

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Support a disabled girl in the slum of Bangladesh. With 33 euro a month Sonia can continue her school.

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