Story Josna

Above a stinking garbage-filled lake in a small corrugated iron house on bamboo paws we find Josna, slightly autistic and a severely traumatized girl of 22 years.

Josna is afraid of her brothers and teachers suspect that she is being abused or raped.
At school she learned skills that helps her to do her bit in the family. At home she helps with washing clothes, cutting vegetables and cooking. She also takes care of the chickens and ducks and collects and sells the eggs.
To give her more confidence and self-esteem, she takes part in a social skills and work-attitude training. Through the new module “it’s my body” she learns more about her body, her rights and reproductive health. She enjoys the lessons and listens attentively to the stories of her classmates. Hopefully she soon feels confident enough to tell hers.


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Support Josna is gaining more self-esteem, with 35 euro a month she can continue her courses.

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