News Two veranda schools handed over to volunteers

In 2019, the idea was born to explore whether we could gradually hand over our veranda schools to enthusiastic volunteers.

In addition to further professionalizing volunteers and parents, our goal was to support them in networking with local authorities. Despite or maybe thanks to the difficult year, we have achieved this with the first two schools. The volunteers now run a veranda school every Thursday with about 12 children each. The children show progress in their development and their parents are satisfied. In the past year, the focus was mainly on giving information about COVID, which was supported by the Ministry of Women’s Affairs with a check of 30,000 tk (approximately 300 euros). Other local authorities also supported the volunteers’ veranda schools with resources and funding.

We hope that more veranda schools will follow. Niketan/DRRA’s role is shifting from ‘running the schools’ to strengthening and providing support when they encounter new challenges.

veranda schooltjes

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