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A key objective for Niketan is to share knowledge and expertise. Over the past 25 years we have gained a lot of knowledge that we now want to share in our anniversary year.

To make this happen, we have been working with our partners DRRA and RedOrange over the past few weeks to design a knowledge platform. This knowledge platform is intended primarily for parents of children with disabilities. They will be closely involved in the development of the platform to make it user-friendly with a simple structure.

An initial pilot will take place in the coming months at our centers and in various locations around the country. Early next year we plan to present the platform nationwide and hand it over to the Ministry of Social Welfare’s organization for people with disabilities, the Neuro-Developmental Disabilities Protection Trust.

But our materials can also already be found on the Advancing Nutrition knowledge platform of USAID and Perkins International, both of which have included a link to our YouTube channel and Niketan’s knowledge page that includes a reference to our instructional videos. We are also proud that Cerebral Palsy Africa will be using our instructional videos and accompanying booklets.

That other organizations want to use our materials is a nice recognition of our work. It motivates us to continue developing new materials and sharing our knowledge. For example, we want to create a module for village administrators who want to advocate for people with disabilities, for health centers so that they recognize specific related diseases more quickly, and for school principals so that they get some tools to better encourage and facilitate inclusion in their schools.

Should you wish to help us financially in the further development of this knowledge platform, we would love to hear from you.


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