News Instructional videos on crawling, standing and walking

We are proud to let you know that the final videos focused on gross motor skills are ready. These videos are about crawling, standing and walking. They are aimed at parents of children with spastic paralysis or other complex care needs. They teach parents how to encourage their child’s development.

For several years, we have been trying to disseminate the knowledge we have acquired more widely and thus reach more parents. We have succeeded in this, because the videos are used by various organizations in multiple countries and they are also watched on YouTube by many parents. A culmination of our work over the past 25 years. But we are not there yet. This year, together with various partners in Bangladesh and in honor of our anniversary, we will create a knowledge platform. A platform where both parents with children with disabilities and healthcare professionals can gain or share knowledge.

With special thanks to Marianne Smits Majoor for creating the script and assisting with filming. We would also like to thank Mahamuda Rahman for writing and translating the script and supporting the entire process.


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